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Top surgery, also known as gender-affirming surgery or gender-confirmation surgery, involves procedures that help better align the body with a person's gender identity. Surgery includes several options, such as top surgery to create a more contoured chest and bottom surgery that changes the genitals.

Clients who have elected to have their breasts or chest removed or amended to transition gender will have the opportunity to remove their nipples or change the size.

There are usually 3 different types of gender-affirming clients:


Trans-Masculine (from female to male) - This could be a reduction in the areola size, there are risks as not all nipples survive. They may need their scar worked on to blend it out.

Trans-Feminine (from male to female) - The male nipple may be too small and may need areola enlargement to make it look more feminine.

Non-Binary - A client who is not any gender and wishes to have surgery to change what they already have, to feel a certain way. In this case, top surgery can be performed, and nipples taken away.

Whether you are deciding between nipple grafts, no nipples at all, or getting your nipples 3D tattooed, it is important to think about what choice will serve you best at that time and in years to come. There are pros and cons depending on the individual for each decision.

Here are a few:

Some clients might like tattooed nipples because the placement of the nipple is more precise and it also means they do not have to deal with caring for nipple grafts. It is important to know you may need to have nipple tattoos retouched (2-3 years) over time as the colour will fade.

Some clients might like having no nipples because of how it looks, or because it better aligns with their gender identity.

Post Op Medical Tattooing

Medical tattooing has gained popularity as a way to help people who have undergone surgery to feel more comfortable and confident in their bodies. Post-op medical tattooing can be anything that helps create a more natural appearance after gender-affirming surgery.

For top surgery, this can range from blending the colour or the scar itself and then adding a realism 3D areola to existing nipple grafts, or clients that have chosen to have their nipples removed.

Top surgery, gender-affirming, gender-confirmation surgery
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Top surgery, gender-affirming, gender-confirmation surgery
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