Paramedical micropigmentation tattooing can be used on a wide range of skin conditions, from people who suffer for vitilligo (auto immune disorder), self harming, white patches, burns, skin grafts, stretch marks, radiation markers, birth marks and white scarring from medical and cosmetic procedures, such as tummy tucks, facelifts and breast surgery. 

Scars can be different from normal skin in terms of texture, contour and colour. Fresh scars are often pink but mature scars can be darker (hyperpigmented) or lighter (hypopigmented) compared to the surrounding skin. These differences in colour can be hidden, or improved, with scar camouflaging tattooing.

Flesh colour pigments are implanted into the skin to restore the loss of skin pigment, this requires advanced knowledge and training, it is a specialist treatment.

Dry Needling will cause the body to produce more collagen, which helps with scars that are dipped into the skin, pushing them to the surface ready for camouflage tattooing. Fine needles, puncture the skin, producing new collagen and elastin. Improving skin texture and reducing scars.

Skin camouflaging is not suitable for all scars and is not recommended for client's who are prone to keloid scarring or have red/dark scars, which are darker than your own skin tone.

Camouflaging any kind of scars is a process and NOT a one time fix, you will need multiple sessions, patience and time to build the colour correctly. We can not give a rough estimate as to how many sessions will be needed, as the amount of sessions will depend on your own skin and the size of the area. Every client is different, so cost and healing will be different, depending on how your skin reacts to the treatment.

In some cases the skin does not retain the implanted pigment very well, pigment retention can be influenced by unhealthy, damaged skin, so it is important for us to manage your expectations.

Scar camouflaging tattooing will not restore the skin back to how it was before, it will help to disguise the colour differences and appear less noticeable. There are quiet a lot of factors that play are part in scar camouflaging, such as tanning, how old the scar is and blood flow. You should be aware that the skin underneath the tattoo will not tan, where surrounding skin will, hence why we prefer to undertake this treatment during colder months, it is much better to have the colour match lighter to your natural skin tone, than darker to a tan that will fade and leave the area darker than the surrounding skin as your tan wears off. 

Stretch marks are a source of annoyance for people of all ages and particularly for women who have given birth. Whilst Stretch Marks tend to fade gradually over time, this treatment will conceal them.

We have had some very good results with scar camouflaging, pigment is deposited in the upper layer of the skin, the results are natural looking skin colour that closely blends in with your own skin tone. We do not using a numbing cream, as this blanches the areas that we are working in and will make your normal skin turn white, not allowing us to see the area that needs treating. It is a relatively painless procedure and lasts between 2-3 years and longer.

Scar, Burn and Stretch Mark Camouflage Treatment Essex



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