Scalp Micropigmentation is an advanced non-surgical procedure, where natural cosmetic pigments are used to create the idea of a fuller head of hair. The needles used are state of the art and ultra-thin, mimicking real hair follicles. The pigments are applied in the outer layers of the skin, unlike regular tattoo ink which is placed much deeper.


> No fading to blue
> Pigments are not applied deeply, preventing bleeding of the pigments
> No scarring
> Immediate result

It really is the look of hair, but with no hair and can change personal confidence of men and women significantly.

It can be used for a wide range of hair loss variations, transplant surgery, balding to hairline recession and alopecia. It can also be used to conceal hair transplant scars or blemishes, as a result of trauma to the head. This procedure is much cheaper than a hair transplant.

The build-up of Scalp Micropigmentation takes place over 3 sessions, each session can range from a few hours up to 5 hours, depending on how much of the area needs to be treated, with at least one week in between each session. This allows for a gradual build-up of the treatment.


If you are nervous about your hair design or how it will look, we work with a white pencil to draw the new hairline in place and will not proceed, until you are completely satisfied with the template, we have designed. Every client has different ideas of what they want their hairline to look like and each clients treatment is individually designed to suit them. We always start with a soft hairline on the first treatment so we can make adjustments if needed, at the next session.

Frequently asked questions

How soon can i have the treatment?

You would need to have a consultation and patch test, during the consultation everything will be explained to you in detail, including how many treatment sessions you would need and what to expect after each treatment. Scalp micropigmentation is a bigdecision, we know you will love the results and be very happy with them, but we do need you to have a good think about everything and discuss it with those closest to you. If you decide to go ahead, you will return to us in 5 days, so we can see the results from your patch test.

How long will each session take?

We always apply a lighter pigment on the first session, to see how the pigment heals in the skin. On the second session, we then build up the density with a darker colour to ensure we get a 3D effect and to make the treatment look as natural as possible. The 3rd session is to perfect the treatment and add detail, also using another colour. Sessions can range from a couple of hours to 5 hours plus, depending on the treated area.

How will i look after each treatment?

Whilst you will be able to see INSTANT results, the treatment will look dark on the scalp and you will have some redness, which usually lasts for about a day. The pigment dots can look dark for up to four weeks, before the pigment softens to their natural finished size, leaving you with a very natural finish. Every treatment is 3 sessions, the results improve at every session as the treatment density builds up.

How realistic will the treatment look?

Our previous clients have all been very happy with their treatment and results, they find it difficult to see where their hairline ends and the scalp micropigmentation begins. They have also told us that no one knows that it is not their real hair.

How long will it last?

To ensure your treatment lasts, we recommend you have a touch up once every 3-6 years. The treatment can last for years, if looked after correctly. You must take care in the sun, as sunlight can cause damage to your treatment and weae a high sun factor at all times.

Will these treatments help with scars on the scalp?

Yes, we can disguise all kinds of scars from hair transplants to general scars.

Is the treamtment painful?

Tis is a difficult one to answer 99% of our clients have mild pain, on a scale of 1-10, roughly 3-4. It all depends on your pain threshold, some people feel pain more than others. If you are concerned you may take paracetamol or ibuprofen a hour before the treatment.

What is the recovery time?

After the treatment your body will immediately begin homeostasis, to repair the skin, by making platelet filled scabs at the dot areas. This is hardened by additional fibrin over the next several hours, these scabs will fall away naturally or can be removed with gentle exfoliation, 5 days after the treatment, when you can wash your scalp.

Bella Mai Scalp Micropigmentation Hair Tattoo Treatment Essex
Bella Mai Scalp Micropigmentation Head Tattoo Hair Treatment Essex



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