Bella Mai Hair Extension Treatment Essex
Bella Mai Hair Extension Treatment Essex
Bella Mai Hair Extension Treatment Essex

We have all heard horror stories regarding hair extensions, unfortunately, we have seen the effects of poorly fitted extensions by under-qualified extensionists.


At Bella Mai, we want to erase these negative images of hair extensions by being the best in the business. Hair Extensions should be positioned slightly away from the scalp to avoid tension, allowing natural movement and eliminating matting.

Our role is to provide:

  • A free consultation with detailed information, to ensure our clients are aware of every aspect before making the decision to have hair extensions.

  • Thorough aftercare and maintenance advice.

  • A professional application with the highest quality 100% human hair.

  • Each client gets the best method to suit their individual needs.

  • We are always available for advice and help.

Our client's role is to:

  • Follow the aftercare and maintenance advice.

  • Return for scheduled maintenance and removal appointments.

  • Make the time and effort to take care and look after their new hair.

  • Contact us immediately if and when they have a problem.

This is how a client came to me. As you can see this is fitted incorrectly, not in clear rows and the wrong coloured rings.

I removed the old fitting of Micro Rings and fitted Nano Rings, such a BIG difference.

The end result against the old fitting, the hair looks much better as you can see.

Frequently asked questions

Will people be able to tell that i am wearing hair extensions?

Have you ever noticed someone in the street and known instantly that they were wearing hair extensions?, if so they obviously have not beed to us. We create your new hair, by choosing a style that matches your own hair. Expertly cut, colour matched and blended to your hair for the most natural and undetectable look.

How long will the fitting take?

It depends on which method you choose, every strand is individually fitted to your hair and can take from 2-4 hours, depending on thickness. At Bella Mai, we make each client feel at home and most of our clients do not even realise they have been sitting for so long.

How much will it cost?

That depends on which method you choose, length, colours etc. We offer a free consultation, which will help you decide which method would suit your lifestyle and budget. Feel free to contact us via the contact page or any of our social media networking pages, the links are on the menu bar of our website.

Will my new hair feel heavy?

You will notice that you have extra hair, but because we balance the weight and volume of your own hair, it should not feel overly heavy. Most clients are surprised at how light they feel once fitted, as opposed to clip in hair extensions.

How will i look after my hair extensions?

Your new hair will look and feel like your own, we will discuss thoroughly all of your aftercare needs, during your consultation and provide you with your own aftercare sheet.

Do i need to buy special shampoos and conditioners?

Yes, you will need to use shampoos and conditioners that are designed for hair extensions, we have our own brand of products we will recommend to you during consultation. Aftercare is very important and you MUST always use the recommended products to keep your hair in its best condition. If you do not use the products that we recommend, we CANNOT take any responsibility for your hair. We do recommend Argan Oil, to keep your new hair from drying out as they have no natural oil like your own hair as well as a special hairbrush. All hair extensions, go through a chemical process when they are being made.

Can i use hairdryers, hot rollers, tongs, straighteners and other styling equipment?

Yes, we always use 100% human hair, that has been tested to the highest standards. You can straighten, curl and style your new hair as you would your own.

If i want a new hair colour, how will that match up with my new hair extensions?

Any hair extensions we apply are perfectly matched to your own hair, we recommend that if you want to colour your hair, that you do this 1 week before having your hair extensions colour matched and fitted to give the colour time to settle, for the best possible match. Some of our clients highlight the T section area or root growth of their hair whilst the hair extensions are still in, this is also fine. If you wish to colour the hair extensions once they are fitted you do so at your own risk. We do offer a colouring service for our clients, feel free to message us if you are interested in this.

When will i require maintenance?

We do our first maintenance at 5 weeks, to check how fast your hair is growing and then we decide at that appointment, how long you should go between maintenance appointments. Usuallt it is 7-8 weeks. We do not slide the hair rings up the hair, we remove all of your hair and refit the whole head, to ensure your hair never gets damaged whilst wearing our hair extensions.



Bella Mai Hair Extension Treatment Essex
Bella Mai Hair Extension Treatment Essex
Bella Mai Hair Extension Treatment Essex


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