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1 Area:  £100

2 Areas: £130

3 Areas: £150

Underarm (Sweating): £150

Lip Flip: £100

Under Eye: £100

Bunny Lines: £100

Gummy Smile: £100

Masseter: £100

2 Week Top Up: £50

Anti-Wrinkle injections, also known as Botulinum Toxins or Botox, are used to appear deep lines and wrinkles. These Injections can be administered in various treatment areas including the forehead, between the brows, crow's feet, under-eye, bunny lines, lip lines, lip flip, masseter, gummy smile, pebbled chin, platysma bands (neck) and underarm sweating. 

Anti-Wrinkle injections work to smooth facial wrinkles by temporarily paralyzing the muscle. When the Anti-Wrinkle treatment is injected, it works by blocking the signal sent from your nerves to your muscles. Without this signal, the muscle cannot contract, resulting in the visible improvement of fine lines and wrinkles. Preventing the targeted muscles from contracting essentially helps to diminish wrinkles caused when frowning or showing expression.

Ageing is a natural and inevitable process of growing older and although unavoidable, the signs of ageing are preventable due to aesthetics. Anti-ageing treatments are on the rise to help with ageing concerns whilst still maintaining a natural look.

The effect usually lasts around three to four months and can be repeated when needed. Most clients require less frequent treatments over time as the muscles ‘retrain’ and weaken from disuse. Results can be seen as early as 5-7 days up to 14 days.

Before any anti-wrinkle procedure, you must have a consultation to assess your suitability for treatment.


Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex

Forehead Lines - Horizontal lines on the forehead become more prominent as we age. Anti-wrinkle can subtly reduce their appearance.

Frown Lines - Verticle lines above the nose and between the eyebrows. They form due to repetitive frowning and squinting, Anti-wrinkle injections smooth the skin in this area and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

Crow's Feet - One of the first signs of ageing, usually appearing in our 20s. They are lines that spread from the outer corners of our eyes. Anti-wrinkle efficiently removes them and gives the face a fresher look.

Under Eye - Become more prominent as we age. Anti-wrinkle can subtly reduce their appearance.

Bunny Lines - Appear on the nose when we wrinkle it. Anti-wrinkle is applied to both sides of the nose to reduce the appearance of bunny lines.

Lip Lines - Wrinkles above the lip and around the corners of the mouth are a common sign of ageing. They can worsen with smoking. They become more visible with age and when you pucker up your lips. You can reduce the appearance with anti-wrinkle.

Lip Flip - Helps to achieve a fuller upper lip without dermal filler. The treatment involves anti-wrinkle injections into your upper lip to relax the muscles and, flip your lip upwards.  


If you would like to enhance your lips but feel like filler is not your style, you might consider this treatment. 

Gummy Smile - When your smile reveals more of your gums than you would like. In clinical terms, it is called excessive gingival display. Anti-wrinkle can subtly reduce their appearance.

Masseter/Jaw Clenching - Teeth Grinding/Jaw Clenching (also called bruxism)/Jaw Slimming, is often related to stress or anxiety. This can be extremely painful causing headaches, oversized jaw muscles and can wear your teeth down over time.

Those affected often grind their teeth and clench their jaw without being aware they are doing so. It often happens during sleep or while concentrating or under stress. Anti-wrinkle can help with all of these.

Pebbled Chin - Bone and tissue loss that come with age contribute to wrinkling of the chin skin. Anti-wrinkle is used to paralyse muscles in this area and smooth out chin wrinkles.

Platysma Bands (Neck) - Parallel, horizontal lines on the neck, they appear with age. They may appear earlier in life due to tech neck, a condition caused by frequent cell phone usage and constantly looking down. Anti-wrinkle efficiently rejuvenates the skin in this area.

Hyperhidrosis (Underarm Sweating) - Your sweat glands work when you get a message from the body's nervous system, if they get too many messages they keep on working and you can sweat excessively. Anti-wrinkle can reduce sweating and in some cases stop it completely.

Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle Lip Lines Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
Anti Wrinkle / Botox Essex
  • What causes the skin to age?
    Sooner or later, the years catch up with us. As we grow older the Dermal layer of the skin becomes thinner, less collagen is produced and the elastin fibres, which provide elasticity wear out. Over time, Sebaceous glands get bigger, whilst producing less sebum (the oily matter that lubricates the skin) and so the number of sweat glands get smaller, causing skin dryness. These changes in the scaffolding of the skin, cause it to loose laxity, texture and get saggy and wrinkly. We also become more susceptiable to hyper-pigmentation, discolouration and photo damage, expecially from exposure to the sun's radiation and smoking among other factors. Our ultimate goal, of our Fibroblast treatment is to help dramatically repair, all of these effects for a more youthful appearance.
  • Why Fibroblast/Plasma Treatment?
    The name comes from one of the most important cells in this treatment, which are the fibroblasts. These are the most common cells in the connective tissues. Most importantly, they synthesize the extracellular matrix and connective tissue fibres (including the cruical collagen and elastin). As you may guess, the rejuvenation process begins with the manipulation of these cell's activities. The fibroblast treatment works by rejuvenating skin around the face and neck. This includes lower and upper eyelid tightening, neck tightening, facelift, lip wrinkles, smile lines, stretch marks and others.
  • How does the treatment work??
    We target fibroblast cells, to create very precise heat induced trauma, shortly after these injuries occur, inflammation starts and blood flow to the region, which increases as the skin repairs itself. This process activates and stimulates the fibroblast cells, to lay down new collagen cells. The fibroblast cells leave behind new collagen and elastin cells as they spread inwards towards the trauma. For weeks after the trauma, the fibroblast cells will continue to produce new collagen. Tiny plasma flashes are discharged from the tip of the handpiece. This creates a dot upon contact with the skin. There are no cuts, blood or damage to the skin. These tiny plasma flashes cause "crusts" to form on the skin, giving the distinctive dotting effect. These on average are gone between 5-7 days. The skin is numbed before each treatment. It takes around 30 mins to complete, depending on the area, you are left with slight redness around the eyes and slight swelling occuring within 1-3 days. After 7 days, the marks disappear and the redness will have gone by 3 weeks
  • What are the advantages of this treatment over cosmetic surgery?
    Here are some of the benefits that come with this treatment: - No scapels and No cutting. - No stiches required. - Very low risk treatment. - Minimal side effects and very short downtime. - Quick and easy treatment with rapid recovery. - No thinning of the skin. - Significant cost savings compared to alternatives. - Lon lasting results 2-3 Years.
  • What areas are best for this treatment?
    Skin tightening using the fibroblast treatment, can work wonders around the eyes and all over the face and neck. If you are concerned about how your eyelids have started to droop or looking for a treatment for the bags under your eyes, the fibroblast treatment is a great alternative to cosmetic surgery. It can also be used on stretch marks. If you have concerns about the best treatment for wrinkles around the eyes and forehead, then this treatment is a great and longer lasting alternative to Botox and Fillers. You may have some acne scars or saggy facial skin, that needs tightening, then this is the treatment for you.
  • Is the treatment safe and does it hurt?
    Local anesthetic is applied prior to the treatment, to minimise any discomfort and the treatment is then virtually painless. The treatment may feel hot in places and there may be a tingling or burning sensation after
  • Are there any side effects from the treatment?
    Straight after your treatment, the area may be red. 1-2 days after your treatment, swelling may occur. After roughly 5-7 days, somtimes longer as everyones skin is different, the scabs that have formed will disappear. The new skin that appears may be slightly pink for up to 4 weeks while the healing process takes place.
  • How many treatments will be needed?
    This varies from each client depending on whst you are hoping to achieve.
  • What results can i expect after the treatment?
    Final results after depend on severity of skin laxity, the desired result, the general condition of the skin and pre exisiting skin and medical conditions. Reductions in skin folds and creases appear immediately.

Anti Wrinkle

Anti Wrinkle

Anti Wrinkle
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3 Areas & Under Eye (Jelly Roll) Anti Wrinkle (Botox) - Before, During & After

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Crow's Feet & Under Eye (Jelly Roll) Anti Wrinkle (Botox) - Before, During & After

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